The world’s best coffee,
verified by blockchain

Buy premium Jamaican Blue Mountain coffee directly from farms and verify your order using blockchain!

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Verify farm & coffee in seconds

Backed by the Jamaica Agricultural Commodities Regulatory Authority and cryptographic signatures, BeanBean allows you to verify the farm and trace the origin of the received coffee in seconds.

world map showing where BeanBean Exchange ships
world map showing where BeanBean Exchange ships

Enjoy the best product, not the resellers

Get smooth-tasting Blue Mountain coffee delivered directly from farms, cutting out distributors to receive peak freshness, and authenticity.

Governance & Rewards

Receive NFTs, airdrops, purchase protection, profit sharing, and governance rights by holding coffee tokens earned from using the marketplace.

world map showing where BeanBean Exchange ships

How it works

  1. Reserve

    Browse verifiable farms, choose your favorite bean grade and roast, & pre-order your share of the crop.

  2. Roast

    The farm roasts, certifies, and mails the coffee directly to your door. Each bag bears a unique, tamper-proof seal that references the on-chain transaction and establishes the farm as its origin.

  3. Receive

    Receive your Blue Montain coffee, verify its authenticity using a unique code, & receive NFTs and other rewards.

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